ABLE United
Teacher helping a boy Teacher helping a boy


You’ve read what an ABLE United account can do for you. See for yourself how we’ve helped people like you plan for – and fund – their future.



Debbie discusses the benefits and opportunities ABLE United affords those who need it most.



Charlotte discusses her work to support and educate members of the disability community, and highlights how ABLE United provides a path to save like never before.


ABLE Beneficiary

Moira tells how ABLE United helps her live independently and pursue her goals.



Bernadette shares how, through ABLE United, she can save for her 28-year-old daughter Moira’s future and help her live independently.


ABLE Beneficiary

Memrie speaks to her dream of becoming a children’s doctor and how ABLE United can help make college a reality.


ABLE Beneficiary & Parent

Memrie’s mother, Jennifer discusses how ABLE United allows her family to prepare financially for future challenges and opportunities.


Financial Professional

Tasha discusses her work to empower the disability community through financial education and awareness of ABLE United.

Megan & Nicky

ABLE Beneficiary & Caregiver

Megan and Nicky share some of the roadblocks they’ve had in saving and how ABLE United will benefit their future.


Founding Member

Jenn Sikora is a founding member of the national ABLE Act, advocate and parent of a child with a disability.


Financial Advisor

Tom explains the benefits of ABLE United from a financial planning perspective.

Mary & Larry

Parent & ABLE Beneficiary

Larry and his mother Mary discuss the challenges he’s faced and the opportunities ABLE United affords him.



Michelle shares how ABLE United empowers her to help her son live the fullest life he can.



Trisha explains the security and financial stability she’s been given through ABLE United.

The information and opinions contained in the testimonials are for general information purposes only and do not constitute tax or investment advice or any endorsement by ABLE United. Carefully consider objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. It is possible to lose money investing in this program. Please read the Program Description and Participation Agreement.