Faces of ABLE: A Year in Review
Faces of ABLE

Faces of ABLE: A Year in Review

January 7, 2019

As we begin a new year, we at ABLE United are reflecting on all that we’ve accomplished, but most importantly, on the number of truly inspiring stories we’ve told of the individuals that we come in contact with each day.
We began the Faces of ABLE campaign shortly after our program launch due to the overwhelming number of stories that we heard from account holders. In short, this campaign serves as a simple reminder for why we do what we do.
We want to say thank you to those of you who have shared your stories not only with us, but with our community:
Arizona Jenkins
Catherine Davey
Elliott Paine
Kevin Sass
Christinne Rudd
Ashley Smith
Gunner Brandt
Faith-Christina Duncan
If you’d like to nominate a family member, friend or colleague with a disability that lives every day with an enviable spirit, please share your nominations with ABLE at info@ableunited.com.