Faces of ABLE: John Langan
Faces of ABLE

Faces of ABLE: John Langan

February 22, 2017

Father of a 28-year-old son with Autism, Special Olympics Head Coach and positive disability community advocate, John Langan is nothing short of a champion for educating and impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities.

It didn’t take long for John Langan to begin actively serving Florida’s disability community following his move to the state six years ago. John’s passion for advocacy blossomed as he sought opportunities to enhance the quality of life for his son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

John’s leadership roles speak to his spirit of service. As a Special Olympics Head Coach, John motivates his athletes with disabilities and inspires them to work hard – he recently took his basketball team to the state championship! John also assisted with the launch of Kiwanis’ Aktion Club, a group teaching leadership skills and community engagement through giving back. Aktion Club helps many individuals with disabilities make the transition into adulthood.

“Disability advocacy starts with a cup of coffee and a conversation; just sharing information with one other parent.”

Much of John’s efforts are focused on Advocates for Adult Children with Intellectual Disabilities (AACID), an assembly that he formed over 2 years ago, and now energetically leads. More than 135 Florida families are educated on the resources available to them with the help of financial advisors, lawyers, nonprofits and service providers. AACID has presented on the ABLE United program and helped many set up ABLE accounts.

“ABLE United is a tremendous asset to our families. It opens up a whole world of flexibility and lessens the burden on our state government. I wish it was around 20 years ago.” – John Langan