Faces of ABLE: Jen Pascarella
Faces of ABLE

Faces of ABLE: Jen Pascarella

January 24, 2017

Jen Pascarella has big dreams for her family, and herself. The visually-impaired mother of two moved both of her children from Michigan to Florida to attend the Florida School of the Deaf and Blind in Jacksonville, Florida, determined to ensure they receive an education and can find jobs they love.

She cites educational opportunities as one of the many ways that individuals with disabilities are now better equipped to achieve their goals.

The one thing that has she seen as a hindrance for the blind community is the lack of savings options, especially for individuals receiving government benefits.

“A lot of strides have been made in the past to give people with disabilities a chance to live a ‘normal’ life,” she says. “We have more opportunities now than ever before to pursue our dreams and become productive members of society, with the exception of saving money. There’s a perception that, if you receive government benefits, you basically have to live in poverty to keep them.”

Jen, a full-time student, receives SSDI, and her daughter draws Medicaid. Knowing that she could open an ABLE United account for her, and that family and friends could contribute, was a driving factor in Jen opening an ABLE United account this fall.

“I love that I can save for my daughter while maintaining her Medicaid benefits,” she says. “She loves horses and wants to work with them someday. With ABLE United, we can save for her education to allow her to live her dreams.”

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