Recognizing the Workforce Contributions of Individuals with Disabilities During DEAM

Recognizing the Workforce Contributions of Individuals with Disabilities During DEAM

October 13, 2021

The Able Trust is committed to the belief that every individual should have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. They support efforts to help individuals with disabilities find, maintain, and advance in meaningful and sustainable employment. Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) provides an opportunity to recognize the contributions persons with disabilities make to our workforce and our economy. For the Able Trust, raising awareness of this important talent pool is not just a single moment but a year-round movement.

“The Able Trust is leveraging DEAM to highlight tools and information for businesses to use to support our efforts to employ persons with disabilities,” says Allison Chase serves as the President and CEO of the Able Trust. “Work is not only a means of income and independence but a pathway to prosperity, to community and connection, and purpose. We want to work with businesses across Florida in taking the first step to help individuals with disabilities gain meaningful employment.”

DEAM is also an opportunity to raise awareness about partnerships and resources that help individuals with disabilities maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. That’s why the Able Trust is proud to partner with ABLE United. Both organizations are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can have a better future.

Since 1990, the Able Trust has been committed to creating a stronger Florida by expanding disability inclusion in the workplace in communities across the state. They want to ensure that all individuals with disabilities can fully participate in their communities and strengthen Florida’s workforce by connecting businesses to this large pool of talented individuals, who are eager to work.

To learn more about the Able Trust’s DEAM efforts and how you can support, please visit: