September 6, 2019

Account Enhancement Highlight: Gifting Page

Account Enhancement Highlight: Gifting Page

Individuals with disabilities in Florida who enroll in an ABLE United account have the opportunity to save up to $15,000 per year – without jeopardizing federal benefits like SSI or Medicaid. The best part is that anyone may contribute to an account on behalf of the individual with a disability, including the individual, family, friends—and even organizations like civic groups, churches or non-profits.

It is now easier than ever for others to contribute to an individual’s ABLE United account with the enhancement of the ABLE United gifting page, which accepts funds via electronic transfer from a bank account OR a debit card (for a nominal fee).

Additional enhancements include:

Customization to show a specific savings goal

Use it like a GoFundMe page by setting a goal and sharing with individuals and/or organizations as a way for them to give gifts instead of physical presents.

Social media and e-mail integration for easy sharing

Sharing your gifting page is now as easy as clicking a button—you can also add the unique URL to the tag line of your email.

It’s important to note that all contributions made directly to an ABLE United account from a third-party are not considered income to the individual with a disability; rather, contributions are considered completed gifts.

We encourage current and prospective account holders to take advantage of the new, enhanced gifting page to continue to build their savings for A Better Life Experience.