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ABLE United Webinar: Special Needs Trusts

How does an ABLE United account compare to a Special Needs Trust?

This is one of the most common questions our team receives: How does an ABLE United account compare to a special needs trust? To help individuals, caregivers, advocates and professionals better understand the financial options available to people with disabilities, ABLE United hosted a webinar in November on the topic. Featuring the professional expertise of financial advisor Tom Nurse and special needs attorney David Lillesand, viewers developed a better understanding of the attributes of both types of accounts to help determine the best choice for themselves, their loved ones and the people they serve.

“Once again, thanks for providing the webinar. We learned things we did not know.”-  Service Provider

More than 130 advocates, providers, family members and self-advocates joined the webinar. Stay tuned for our next webinar!

ABLE United Webinar: Enhancing Financial Literacy

More than 125 participants joined us for our first webinar in August!

In an effort to educate advocates and the people they serve about the newest option for individuals with disabilities to save for the future, ABLE United hosted its first webinar to provide more information about the savings and investment program.

Individuals with disabilities have historically had limited options to save money without negatively impacting government benefits – people receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid cannot exceed $2,000 in assets without jeopardizing these benefits. Tasha Carter, Director of the Florida Division of Consumer Services, joined the presentation to discuss several key ways to improve financial literacy, including developing a spending plan and setting goals. Additionally, she shared new resources coming soon from the Division of Consumer Services, including – the My Money Program for individuals with disabilities that will launch in 2016.

More than 125 advocates, providers, family members and self-advocates joined the webinar.

“I am very satisfied with the ABLE United webinar. The information presented and the materials provided were very useful.” Advocate

Stay tuned for our next webinar in November!

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