January 12, 2017

ABLE United to Launch Faces of ABLE Campaign

ABLE United to Launch Faces of ABLE Campaign

There is no shortage of individuals and organizations working to make a difference in their lives, and the lives of others, every day – especially within the disability community.

We believe these every day heroes deserve the spotlight. That’s why we’re launching a campaign called Faces of ABLE, designed to highlight people who are achieving, and helping others to achieve, a better life experience.

Nominate the person you know who is working to achieve a better life experience!

Need some ideas of who to nominate? How about…
• Your family member, friend or colleague with a disability that lives every day with an enviable spirit
• The parent or caregiver that advocates for their loved one with a disability
• The leader of the organization you turned to when you or a loved one was diagnosed with a disability

Individuals will be featured on the ABLE United website, Facebook page, newsletter, and more, and will also receive an ABLE United gift bag.

Nominate a deserving individual today!