Catching Up with Steven and Clare
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Catching Up with Steven and Clare

July 27, 2021

As a busy almost eight-year-old, Steven continues to thrive and grow.

When we first spoke with his mom, Clare, back in 2017, his favorite things included going to Jacksonville Jaguars games and playing his ukulele. He continues to embrace his love for music by playing the ukulele and has grown an interest in both the piano and guitar. The biggest change of all was welcoming his little sister in early 2020.

While life gets bigger and better for Steven, his parents continue to contribute to his ABLE United account, with the goal to save.

“We have not needed to use our ABLE United account, but we are happy to know that it is there and provides Steven with financial stability for his future,” Clare shares.

“We love the gifting page and invite our family and friends to contribute directly into Steven’s account.”

Steven was one of the first ABLE United account holders and his mother continues to wish for him to grow up with health and happiness, which will be made easier knowing that he is set up for success with his ABLE United account.

“I still haven’t found a downside to opening an account!” she added.

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