Become an ABLE United Ambassador

Become an ABLE United Ambassador

March 9, 2022

Five years ago, the ABLE United Ambassador program was born out of the need to fulfill a large volume of event and presentation requests throughout Florida.

After witnessing firsthand, a mother, and an account administrator for her son, share with another parent why she opened an ABLE account, we realized we had a solution.

To date, we have activated more than 20 ambassadors from Pensacola to Miami who represent us at events and speaking engagements with advocacy organizations, state agencies, and schools – helping to educate those within the disability community on the opportunities that exist through ABLE United.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in event formats, and as we prepare to return to in-person and hybrid events this spring, we need your help.

An Interview with an Ambassador

South Florida-based ambassador, Vilma Carmona, shares a little bit about her ambassador journey and why you should consider joining our team of advocates.

Q: Why did you open an ABLE account/what are you saving for?

A: My grandma used to say, “Save! Even if it’s just $5 because it’s important to have something saved.” When I had to retire early due to a health condition, I was grateful for this advice and the savings that I relied on while attending to my health. After this experience, it was very important to me that my children also learned the importance of saving. When I found out about the ABLE program, I saw an opportunity for my son to start saving for his future. Without a second thought, I signed him up online and I became his account administrator, and we are currently saving for his future.

Q: Why did you become a brand ambassador?

A: Once I opened an account, I saw a great opportunity for many families in my network of support groups for Spanish-speaking parents of children with autism. At that time, ABLE United did not have many ambassadors who spoke Spanish. That is why I decided to join the group of ambassadors to help carry this message in a clear and organized way to all those who could benefit.

Q: What was your favorite memory at an event?

A: I enjoy all the events because I love sharing information with people and it’s even better because we have the chance to improve the financial well-being of families. However, I will always keep in my heart an event in which my son accompanied me and helped me. It was very busy, and you could feel everyone’s enthusiasm.

At this event, I overheard someone mistakenly say “ABLE, that’s insurance” and start to walk away from our table. But I immediately caught their attention with a “hello” and a big smile as I handed them informational material and explained what the ABLE program really is.

Q: What would you tell others thinking about becoming ambassadors?

A: I invite anyone who manages or benefits from an ABLE United account to join our group of ambassadors. There is a large community that could benefit from this program, but many still don’t know about it. That is why it is important that we reach more places and reach a greater number of people. By sharing your experience and guiding other people, you can change and/or improve some aspect of the life of a person with a disability – and that can give you great satisfaction.

Join Us as an ABLE United Ambassador

Individuals will be fully trained and compensated for events (based on a set criteria), as well as receive all tools and resources needed to represent ABLE United in their community.

Applications close March 28.

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