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Contributions and Withdrawals

Prepaid card coming soon!


Anyone may contribute to an ABLE United account via check, cashier’s check, or automatic contribution. Login to the account to set up one-time or recurring contributions from a linked bank account.

Set up a gifting page to allow friends and family to contribute online through electronic transfer (ACH) or debit card. Debit card fees may apply.

Please use this form for all mailed contributions.

Generally, contributions do not count as income to the beneficiary.


Easily access funds online by requesting an electronic transfer to a bank account.

Electronic transfer to a bank account:

To request a paper check, call customer service for a withdrawal form or download a withdrawal form when logged into your account.

Optional reloadable prepaid card coming soon for your convenience.

Withdrawals retained for Qualified Disability Expenses, other than housing, are not a countable resource for SSI.

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