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Investment Performance

Monitor how the investment performs:

  • View one, three, and five year returns
  • Select how contributions are invested every time
  • Invested funds can be transferred between investment options up to two times per year

Current Investment Returns

The performance summary consists of the investment return for each of the Investment Options, net of the Investment Administration Fee, offered under the ABLE United Program.

Historic Investment Returns

The performance of each Investment Option will vary from day to day based on the performance of the underlying stock, bond and money market securities. The following table represents past performance for each Investment Option adjusted to reflect the Investment Administration Fee as of June 30, 2022.

Portfolio Options1-Year3-Year5-Year
Conservative Portfolio-11.22%2.96%4.09%
Moderate Portfolio-13.18%4.42%5.53%
Growth Portfolio-14.30%5.56%6.53%
Fund Options1-Year3-Year5-Year
FDIC Savings 1 0.28%0.56%N/A
Money Market Fund0.32%0.74%1.28%
U.S. Bond Fund-10.61%-1.17%0.60%
U.S. Stock Fund-14.47%9.32%10.20%
International Stock Fund-17.43%1.14%2.13%
* The net investment returns are provided for general information only and are not intended to provide investment or other advice. The Program launched July 1, 2016, performance for any periods prior to this date is based on the underlining Investment Option performance net of the Investment Administration Fee. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Actual results for future periods could differ significantly from past performance. Your investment return and the value of your investment will fluctuate. Your investment when withdrawn may be worth more or less than your contributions.
1The FDIC Option became available as a new investment option in March 2019. Interest on the FDIC Savings Option will be credited by the Bank on the last business day of each month based on the average daily balance on deposit in the FDIC Savings Option during such month. The interest rate on the FDIC Option will be a rate equal to the upper end of the Federal Funds target rate range established by the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee, less 15 basis points.
The 1-year investment returns provided were verified by Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, Inc., the Program’s investment consultant. Performance for all other periods is based on the historical performance of the option’s underlying investment fund net of the Investment Administration Fee.

Update Investment Choices

You can select how new contributions are invested each time a contribution is made. For money that is already in an ABLE United account, the funds can be transferred between investment options up to two times per year.