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Opening an Account

Open an account quickly and easily online:
• Takes less than 15 minutes
• No documentation to upload
• Others may open or assist in opening

An individual with a disability may open an account independently if they are over the age of 18. If the individual cannot, or would prefer to have assistance, an individual legally authorized to act on his or her behalf (such as a parent, legal guardian, or person acting under a power of attorney) may open and manage an account.

If a person other than the individual with a disability is opening an account, then the following is required from that person:

  • Certification of authority to open the account
  • Personal identifying information

For the individual with a disability, the following is required:

  • Personal identifying information
  • Category of disability with onset before age 26
  • Selection of at least one investment option

The following may also be necessary:

  • Banking information to make an electronic contribution.
  • Date of diagnosis with name and address of the treating physician if certifying the individual’s disability eligibility pursuant to a physician’s diagnosis

To support an efficient enrollment process, source documents are not required.


Free to enroll. No monthly maintenance fee with eDelivery.
Optional $10.00 annual fee for paper correspondence.

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