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Opening an Account

Enrollment is quick, easy and free – and you can save in an FDIC-insured option, or invest in one of our professionally managed funds or portfolios.

Open Account

An individual with a disability (“Beneficiary”) may open an account independently if they are over the age of 18. If the individual cannot, or would prefer to have assistance, the Internal Revenue Service has provided a priority list of individuals who may establish and maintain the account.

  • an individual selected by the Beneficiary;
  • the eligible individual’s agent under a power of attorney;
  • conservator;
  • legal guardian;
  • the spouse;
  • a parent;
  • a sibling;
  • a grandparent; or
  • a representative payee (whether an individual or organization) appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Please note the representative payee is subject to all applicable SSA rules.

If a person other than the individual with a disability is opening an account, then the following is required from that person:

  • Certification that you an authorized individual to establish an account on behalf of the beneficiary
  • Personal identifying information
  • Relationship to beneficiary

The following is also necessary:

  • Banking information to make an electronic contribution
  • Contribution of $25 to at least one savings or investment option


Free to enroll. No monthly maintenance fee with eDelivery.
Optional $10.00 annual fee for paper correspondence.

Still have questions?

Download our helpful step-by-step guide here in English and en Español.

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