Catching Up With Arizona
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Catching Up With Arizona

August 10, 2021

Maintaining a normal routine has been Arizona’s focus since we last spoke with him in 2018.

He is still very active in the community and loves to be involved in multiple projects. A regular at the University of South Florida, Arizona enjoys helping medical students learn how to better care for their patients. “Although we had to move to virtual classes, I look forward to seeing everyone in person again,” he shared. “I just got back from the Annual Family Café in Orlando, what a great weekend reuniting with friends.”

Arizona is still a master of the public transportation system in Tampa and continues to advocate for accessibility options so that more people can travel around and outside of Hillsborough County. However, his greatest passion is the New Horizons Support Group.

As founder and president, Arizona continues to mentor children with disabilities and serves as a great role model. “It is so important to instill confidence and independence in children, especially in today’s uncertain times,” Arizona added. One should always practice what they preach, and Arizona does this through his ABLE United account.

Arizona opened his ABLE United account to have a safe and smarter way to save for the future. “You never know what could happen, and it is important to have all of your ducks in a row, to make all the necessary arrangements,” he shared.

For Arizona, his ABLE United account provides him with security and freedom. “You can use it for what you need, and to do what you want,” he added.

For the next five years, Arizona will be worry-free, knowing that the savings in his ABLE United account will not impact his eligibility for benefit programs. “I do not want to worry about spending my money and living my life. With an ABLE United account, we are offered some equality to live a normal life and I encourage those that qualify, even if you do not understand the program completely, at least give it a try – there is nothing to lose.”

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