Faces of ABLE: Meet Camryn and Umar
Faces of ABLE

Faces of ABLE: Meet Camryn and Umar

July 1, 2023

ABLE United, Florida’s qualified ABLE program, is a game-changer for families seeking a secure way to save and support their loved ones with disabilities while maintaining essential federal benefits. By enabling individuals with disabilities to save for both present and future expenses, ABLE United empowers them to enhance their health, independence and overall quality of life. Since its launch on July 1, 2016, ABLE United has welcomed over 10,000 Floridians with diverse disabilities, granting them the freedom to save and pursue a life full of possibilities, just like anyone else.

Within the ABLE United community, countless inspiring stories emerge, showcasing individuals with disabilities who are not only thriving but also turning their dreams into reality. These stories of triumph deserve to be shared and celebrated, as they inspire others and demonstrate the true potential that lies within each person.

Cameryn and her dog

Introducing Camryn and Umar, two remarkable individuals within our ABLE United community, who exemplify the boundless potential that exists despite any obstacles along the way.

Camryn, an ABLE account holder since 2020, was diagnosed with an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, but that has never stopped her. She’s been able to use her natural talents, empathy and her love for children, and with the support she receives from her family, she can build a life that will set her up for a successful future – including financial independence with her ABLE United account.

Umar at the Special Olympics

Umar, an ABLE account holder since 2022, has triumphed over numerous challenges while embracing a life filled with joy and adventure. Umar has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and has defied limitations and found his passion in activities like basketball, camping, dancing and swimming. With unwavering support from his loving family, Umar has proven that determination and a supportive environment can enable individuals with ASD to embrace their interests, discover their talents and live life to the fullest.

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