Four Ways to Power Up Your Savings with ABLE United

Four Ways to Power Up Your Savings with ABLE United

September 18, 2023

Since 2016, more than 10,000 Floridians have started saving with ABLE United – and have contributed more than $85 million to their tax-free savings and investment accounts. 

We want to continue to empower the disability community to save, just like everyone else.

Funds in ABLE United accounts can be used for everyday living expenses and much more. Let’s dive into some of the great ways  ABLE United accounts have been used:

1. Celebrate

David and Shelby weddingDavid and Shelby met as babies while obtaining their first wheelchairs. Years later as an adult, David became friends with his physical therapist assistant who was also his hockey coach. This coach and assistant also treated Shelby and as fate would have it, David and Shelby were reunited, and sparks were ignited. With their ABLE United accounts, they were able to save money for their wedding, including the ability to put down a deposit at the reception center and provide a space for their family and friends to join together to celebrate their love.

2. Travel

Spencer traveling

Spencer has always had a love and passion for travel and currently works as a travel agent. With his ABLE United account, he can save money to spend on traveling the world – experiencing all the places on his bucket list. 

With a focus on accessible travel, Spencer’s goal is to travel to as many places as possible to learn the best destinations for accessibility – in return, he wants to give back to the community and guide others with disabilities to the best places they should visit.

3. Housing

Elliot cooking in kitchen

Elliott is working towards his independence and has used his ABLE United account to help him move into a separate living space at his parents’ home in Melbourne as he prepares to live independently in the future. Elliott also works part-time and continues to find opportunities to perform, whether it involves DJ’ing, acting, improv, or modeling.



4. Companionship

Samantha and her dogs

Samantha became a “dog mom” with her ABLE United account. Her Miniature Goldendoodle, Sydney, has been a great companion, especially through the pandemic, and even completed her training to become a service dog.

Thanks to her ABLE United account, she was able to save for Sydney – covering costs associated with training, grooming, food and vet bills – with funds that she’s saved over time.


The best part about an ABLE account is the opportunity to save, and with our Power Up Your Savings Event, when you open an ABLE United account by November 12, 2023, you will receive a FREE $50 contribution into your account.

An ABLE United account gives the disability community the power to save and spend the way they want.

Save more. Worry less.

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*Promotion Guidelines:
Enroll in an ABLE United account between September 18, 2023, and November 12, 2023, on, and you will receive a $50 contribution into your new ABLE United account. This offer only applies to new accounts for beneficiaries who have not had an account with ABLE United previously and are opened between September 18, 2023, and November 12, 2023. Please review the Program Description and Participation Agreement before opening an account.