Giving the gift of financial freedom

Giving the gift of financial freedom

December 8, 2020

ABLE accounts were created to help individuals with disabilities realize their hopes and dreams – and prepare for whatever their future may hold. As we enter the holiday season, now is a perfect time to contribute to your loved ones’ account through the gifting page and help contribute to their financial freedom.

“Special needs parents are overwhelmed as they try to put their arms around their child’s diagnosis,” says Linda Bennett, mother to Ryan who was diagnosed with an intellectual disability at an early age. “Everybody has a different journey, but ABLE United allows us to sleep better at night knowing our child’s financial future is safe.”

Built to be flexible, anyone can contribute to an ABLE United account on behalf of the individual with a disability, including the individual, family, friends—and even organizations like civic groups, churches, or non-profits.

“We can be recipients of other people’s kindness. We can also have the joy of giving back,” says Bobbi Wigand, Executive Director of Victory Living Programs in Fort Lauderdale.

Similar to a GoFundMe page, the gifting page can have an established goal and be shared with individuals and/or organizations as a way for them to give gifts instead of physical presents. It also allows those that want to help financially but, in the past, have feared jeopardizing their loved ones’ important benefits. With ABLE United, that fear is now eliminated as, generally, funds in or withdrawn from an account do not impact eligibility for current or future benefits.

The gifting page is also easily shareable on social media or through email to reach those that live both near and far.

It is important to note that all contributions made directly to an ABLE United account from a third-party are not considered income to the individual with a disability; rather, contributions are considered completed gifts.

As we reflect on the last year, it has certainly been challenging, but we are proud to see more and more Floridians choose ABLE United to support their savings goals – in turn, achieving financial flexibility and peace of mind.

Find out how to set up your gifting page here or download the gift form to give the gift of independence this year.