See how ABLE United is helping the disability community save for a better life experience
Faces of ABLE

See how ABLE United is helping the disability community save for a better life experience

July 14, 2022

Florida’s qualified ABLE program, ABLE United, was established to give Florida families a better way to save and care for their loved ones with disabilities, without impacting the federal benefits they rely on. Now individuals with disabilities can save for everyday and future expenses to support their health, independence, and quality of life. Since July 1, 2016, thousands of Floridians with varying disabilities have joined ABLE, giving them the freedom to save and achieve a better life experience, just like everyone else.

The ABLE United community is full of inspiring stories of individuals with disabilities living their best life and achieving their dreams. So we want to take the opportunity to share and celebrate these moments of triumph.

Meet Caleb and Brady, two incredible young men in our ABLE United community who prove that the sky’s the limit…even when you have some challenges.

Caleb, an ABLE account holder since 2016, recently achieved a huge goal in his life. He trained every day over the past year, and competed in over eight triathlons to prepare for the 2022 Special Olympics in June at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. He competed with Team Florida as the youngest member of the triathlon team, and was also the youngest person with Down Syndrome to complete a full sprint triathlon! He took home the silver medal for Team Florida in the 1000 Meter Open Water Swimming Race and set new personal records. Congratulations, Caleb!

Brady, an ABLE account holder since 2021, has continued to inspire us as he achieves his dream of educating the world about what life is like living with autism. His book, Hostage to Silence, recently earned the #1 spot in new releases in the disability parenting category on Amazon. The book shares his journey as a nonverbal autistic young man who was able to find and express his poetic voice through typing at the age of 13. He is incredibly talented, and we look forward to his next creative endeavor!

Do you have an inspiring story? We’d love to hear from you, and invite you to learn more about how an ABLE United account might benefit you or someone you know.

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