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How do I make a gift contribution online?

To contribute online, first make sure the recipient has set up their gifting page. Then use their gifting page link to fill out the form fields as directed — like your name, address, the amount you want to contribute, whether you want to pay by debit card or with a bank account, and the occasion for your generosity.

How will I know if I’ve received gifts?

When a gift contribution has processed, you’ll get an email letting you know someone contributed to your account. All processed gift contributions will also appear in your activity feed. Please keep in mind, any gift contributions made through an online gifting page will not be available for withdrawal for 10 business days.

What happens if I no longer want to have an online gifting page for my account?

No problem. You can delete the gifting page anytime you want, and the contributions that have previously been gifted (including pending contributions) will stay in your account.

Just sign into your account, go to your “account overview” and click on the gifting module. Select “Edit this page” and then click “Delete this page.” Once you’ve deleted your gifting page, you’ll be able to set up a gifting page again in the future if you want.

Once your gifting page has been deleted, you’ll still be able to receive gift contributions by check, as long as you have not reached your annual contribution limit.

What is the gifting limit?

If you decide to show your gifting limit, your gifting page will display the percentage of your goal that you’ve reached so far, so people who visit your page can see your progress.

Don’t worry, they can’t see the actual dollar amount you’ve collected or how much you want to save.

Who can send me gifts?

Once you’ve set up your gifting page, anyone who has a link to it can contribute toward your goal. You can also give friends and family a Gift Form if they’d like to mail a check contribution.

Keep in mind that gift contributions count toward your annual contribution limit. So, if you’ve already reached it, your page will remain public, but no one can contribute again until next year.

How do I set up my gifting page?

To create a gifting page:

  • Sign in: Click the gifting link on your account overview page.
  • Customize your page: Select whether or not you want to share the progress you’ve made toward your goal.
  • Review & Publish: Get a preview of what it will look like when someone visits your gifting page and click on “Go Live” if everything looks good.
  • Share: Once your page is created, you’ll get a direct link to it that you can post directly on social media or send to friends and family.
  • Receive Contributions: You’ll get an email to let you know every time someone makes a gift contribution to your account.

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