Five Years of ABLE United
Faces of ABLE

Five Years of ABLE United

July 1, 2021

It seems like only yesterday that the Achieving a Better Live Experience (ABLE) Act was signed into law and opened the door to financial opportunity for persons with disabilities.

After its passage on the federal level, Florida became one of the first states to make ABLE accounts a reality through its own qualified ABLE program: ABLE United.

Since our inception on July 1, 2016, thousands of Floridians with varying disabilities have secured their future without fear of jeopardizing the critical benefits they may rely on now or in the future.

Among those include our youngest account holder, who is six months old – and our oldest, at 96-years-old – in total saving more than $47 million in total contributions and tax-free earnings.

Sharing the stories of our account holders is important because they are our biggest advocates, our success stories and the reason this program exists.

That’s why we created the Faces of ABLE campaign in 2017 to shed light on the stories, the achievements and the milestones of those individuals – the faces behind what we do – who are using their ABLE accounts to save and invest for today, tomorrow, or whatever the future holds.

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Celebrating the Faces of ABLE

To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we are going back into the archives and revisiting five of the previous Faces of ABLE. We want to catch up to see where they are now, and how they are taking advantage of their ABLE United accounts.

From groceries to home repairs or wheelchair accessible vans, our accounts holders continue to inspire us and encourage our community to take advantage of the benefits that ABLE accounts have to offer.

Through early August, we will be rolling out new profiles weekly, and we encourage you to check back and share their stories with your family, friends, neighbors or colleagues as we continue to honor and celebrate the many Faces of ABLE.

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